We upgrade and change our image

We upgrade and change our image

The CONTIMADE brand belongs to the Czech leading manufacturers of modular systems and special modules. The company has been in the market for more than 25 years and it still holds the status of a top European player with more than 85 % of foreign trade. Due to our international activities and responding to the requirements of individual markets we have made significant investments in modernization and development of our company during 2016. The largest investment was in the construction of a new modern production and assembly hall, which made it possible to increase daily production and to work more efficiently using new technologies. Another important project was a completely new administrative building that provides modern amenities for the company staff and management. The investments also had a significant effect on the exterior of the company premises. Surface adjustments, expansion of parking areas and last but not least, maintenance of greenery−all these form just a short list of activities that have been or are being implemented. In connection with internal company policy the investments were also directed into increasing the comfort of facilities for employees (new canteen and changing rooms with sanitary areas).

“Currently, only modern and reputable companies have a chance of maintaining success in the business environment. In order to succeed in a tough business, it has not only been necessary to modernize production processes but also to invest in facilities for employees who are a major part of the company and participate in its development and operation. I strongly believe that the actions taken in this respect will not only be appreciated by our business partners but also by our employees who, thanks to the modern facilities, have the opportunity to help develop and build an even stronger and more acclaimed company, which gives life to space through its products,” added Kamil Kaiser, the company director.

CONTIMADE_550x300_-_akvizice_-_průvodní_foto We upgrade and change our image

On February 25, 2021, the company CONTIMADE joined the Moravia Containers Group, a strong partner in the Czech market in the production of modular systems.

CONTIMADE členem Československé asociace modulární výstavby, z.s.

Company CONTIMADE s.r.o. became in March 2020 a valid member of the Association csMODULAR.

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We upgrade and change our image

The CONTIMADE brand belongs to the Czech leading manufacturers of modular systems and special modules.

CONTIMADE in Iceland

Representatives of the company CONTIMADE led by the company director visited their business partners in Iceland recently.

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