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On February 25, 2021, the company CONTIMADE joined the Moravia Containers Group, a strong partner in the Czech market in the production of modular systems.

CONTIMADE členem Československé asociace modulární výstavby, z.s.

Company CONTIMADE s.r.o. became in March 2020 a valid member of the Association csMODULAR.

Partner for your growth

Do you look out for a business partner to invest in your company’s setting and offices that you need for your activities or do you...

We upgrade and change our image

The CONTIMADE brand belongs to the Czech leading manufacturers of modular systems and special modules.

CONTIMADE in Iceland

Representatives of the company CONTIMADE led by the company director visited their business partners in Iceland recently.

We are launching a new website!

We are pleased to announce that we have prepared a brand new website presentation.